Know thyself

Well hello there, what do we have here!
Or Who, more appropriately.

I’ve had my website for many months and now I think I’ll just simply make a home for my literary pieces of art on the same medium at the same time. Speaking of, I stopped posting on Medium a while ago (it’s not them, it’s me) and took to showing my pieces to people randomly, individually – or to the more general WhatsApp status audience I have.


Not Giving Up

Not giving up means being stupid and deliberately blind to the obvious, kicking against facts, defying laws that have long been proven; are tested and trusted, holding on to the immaterial with barely one tooth, calling what others don’t see the real thing.


Love you, hate myself

I see how far we’ve come
Sure has been a long way
We’ve been through much
Suchlike a rollercoaster

Somehow I believed you’re mine
Not a prize for the taking
More an invaluable treasure
My gemstone in the making


Where’s my muse

I’m seated, and still
I’m ready, I’d plunge
If only you’d show me
Where the coin fell


Sexy Sofia

You’re the prime,
My prime;
Your elegance is royal,
My royal.

You’re sexy Sofia,
My sexy;
Your beauty is enthralling,
My darling, charming!


Pure passion

You kiss me like it’s a favor
Hug like it’s an obligation
I adore you
I know you do too
But enough, Sofia
No more kisses to repay dates
Hugs for coffee breaks
Of course I want to kiss your head off,
But darling not this way
I want pure passion Sofia,
Not emotional prejudice



Did I feel it? Course I did!
I’onno, just don’t feel right
My heart’s in my throat
I think ama throw it up


Forever is a myth

What to do with this feeling,
this bittersweet sensation
knotting unspeakable words beneath my throat.


Selfish and proud

If I was a warrior
Valhalla were too small a reward

If I was a mortal soul
Utopia would a prize not do


Dear Casual Friend

Dear Casual Friend,

I’m sorry we’re the way we are, sometimes I feel I’m completely to blame, other times I think it’s both our doing.


None Of Us Are A Finished Article

Unbreakable yet broken, unshakable yet shaken, father to many yet father of none; fire is in his eyes, thunder in his voice, one man army winning battles without soiling his mantle, greenery is parched ground after him, feared by men and held in high esteem by the gods, but he’s such a mighty man – such as can be disheartened by one so physically inferior, by such a one so infinitesimally significant in comparison to his driving Force, he gave up on life itself for threat’s sake. He is Elias of Tishbe.