Dear Casual Friend

Dear Casual Friend,

I’m sorry we’re the way we are, sometimes I feel I’m completely to blame, other times I think it’s both our doing.

Back to when it started.

I see you a lot, bump into you many a times, we have a lot of things we do in common, I don’t even know your name but I sure can paint your visage on a canvas. I know a lot of people, but you seem different, I felt there was more, knew there could be more.

My first ‘hi’ wasn’t as awkward as I would expect, you met it with profound friendliness; you’re the kind of friend I’d want to keep – a complaisant companion.

Away with reminiscence.

I’m not good at keeping things, I break my touchscreen phone a million times; this is probably why I couldn’t keep the friendship I dreamt I’d build with you.

I gave it my best shot, I just too soon ran out of what to say – I’m sorry for all the boring moments I made you experience on WhatsApp.

We never made it past pleasantries, now I fear you’re beginning to take me for a phoney.

I’m sorry I’ve been such a causal friend, I just can’t seem to make anything more involving out of this.

— Your Casual Friend, Me.

🍂 De-paule, 2015

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