Still [Part 2]

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Still — A Reason To Hope

No, it’s not my first time.. I’m used to hearing voices only that the kind I’m accustomed to, would tell me what to do. I’ve lived subservient to many masters, I learned the foolish wisdom of keeping my mouth shut while choices were hurled at me, decisions made for me.

But this voice.. It speaks something different; and that’s what scares me…

Yes I entered a pact, a willful.. Or compelled pact, I don’t know… It was like a force drew me, it assured me yoke would free me from yoke.

But I like my yoke, nothing describes pastime than the life I’ve lived.. Never had to push, never had to step.. Or maybe I never had a life.

Nonetheless, something kept me.. I weathered storms, waded in throes, pangs as of death himself; history talks about the death pact long ratified anyways; Oh, what I would give for a minute or two with Ish!

Who am I to complain, you don’t choose how you’re born afterall..

I’m powerless against everything, and everyone takes full advantage of that; why then, I wonder, would a force so strong still beckon? I mean.. I’m all for the taking!

The raging storms said something to me, but who expects something so small after something so terrible? I didn’t!

I can feel myself so light on my feet, like I have no strength left in me.. Am I going to fall? This voice will take me over for sure…

Come to think of it, I’ve never felt so comfortable in perplexity! I think I even let off a smile or two.

What bringeth this change? I want to know. I will wait till this storm passes, and do what I’ve not done in a long time – hope, that I won’t be swept yonder in it…

I can hear the voice, he’s still voicing some, small and soft, the voice goes on – I can feel him nearing me, but my fears are disappearing..

Maybe I’m changing afterall, or its just a wild wild dream – side effect of my isolation? I don’t know!

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