Know thyself

Well hello there, what do we have here!
Or Who, more appropriately.

I’ve had my website for many months and now I think I’ll just simply make a home for my literary pieces of art on the same medium at the same time. Speaking of, I stopped posting on Medium a while ago (it’s not them, it’s me) and took to showing my pieces to people randomly, individually – or to the more general WhatsApp status audience I have.

That should give you an idea that I may stop putting them up here too, cos you know, they are my writings and I can decide how much of them to show and where to show them.

In any case you’ll enjoy my works – mostly – while I still feel inclined to put them here in my blog. Maybe I’ll apply a membership filter? So I can know who loves to read my stuff and only give access to such ones – just maybe.

Why the title of this post? You wonder? Totally unrelated… The post needed a title and ‘know thyself’ is what I’ve been thinking about for a few hours now.

🍂 Czar, 2019.

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