Love you, hate myself

I see how far we’ve come
Sure has been a long way
We’ve been through much
Suchlike a rollercoaster

Somehow I believed you’re mine
Not a prize for the taking
More an invaluable treasure
My gemstone in the making

I didn’t mind the rough edges
Damned the uncertainty
Did I say how far we’ve come?
It’s more how far I’ve come

No doubt I’m under a spell
Love would make ensample of me
The burden of love
A most beautiful curse

Truth be told, it’s not been fair
Love must be balanced,
Two-sided f’it must survive
Yours is the shorter leg no doubt

I’d withdraw if I could
T’is all seems your longing
But I can’t, just cannot
Much harder can I try?!

You’re my curse
My soul’s incurable spell
I love you Sofia
And I hate myself for it.

✍️ De-paule, 2016

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