Not Giving Up

Not giving up means being stupid and deliberately blind to the obvious, kicking against facts, defying laws that have long been proven; are tested and trusted, holding on to the immaterial with barely one tooth, calling what others don’t see the real thing.

Not giving up makes you a societal misfit, a dogged advice-repulsive freak, a far cry from the system that nursed you, a lone swimmer in a tumultuous sea; directly against the tides, a solitary soldier with none to command you but your will, a frantic dreamer with no support from the environment.

Not giving up isolates you, leaves you with no one to relate your grandiose aspirations to but yourself, tests your resolve, frustrates you over and over, keeps reminding you of how proximate failure is and how because of your renegade spirit, you have nowhere to return to when you eventually fail.

Not giving up doesn’t shield you from people’s dressing down, doesn’t promise you success, doesn’t hand you easements or pats on the back, laughs you to scorn right in your face, keeps you awake all night reminding you how much less difficult your life would’ve been if only you hadn’t gone so far.

Not giving up is not a chum, not a buddy you hi-five early in the morning, so next time you think of not giving up, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

🍂 De-paule, 2015

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