Still [Part 1]

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Still — A Reason To Hope

I’m hearing voices… A voice in particular, but.. I think it’s voices, or not.

They’re.. Rather, it’s driving me… Am I going crazy? Maybe I’ve overworked. You know what they say: “too much work…”; there it goes again..

I think I need help, or not.. What’s happening to me? Something… Everything is changing..

They echoed ‘deep deep deep’, I don’t know; I think I’m transforming into something.. Fear of the unknown? Maybe!

Don’t judge me, I’ve not done much, not ever. I feared everything that changed, change itself was my bane.

You’d think with how much I’ve had to put up with I’d be stronger; how wrong!

Asking me not to worry is like telling me to breathe without air, I thrive on worries.

Yes, I still hear the voices; why else do you think I’d go on and on talking about me – the self I turned out to be?

I’ve lived in confinement so dark so far, I had no idea how miserable a place this was; the very comfy seat I’m on is rottenness… Oblivion was my worst nightmare, but now the light scares me.

The voices, they’re getting louder, becoming more in unison! Perhaps it’s one all the while.

This would be the toughest decision I’d have to make, second-ever decision next to the one I made to remain in the shadows. ‘Deep deep, turn turn’ the voice persists.

Definitely, I’m transforming into something… Maybe I need help, or not.. But where is this going, you asked? Darling, I wish I knew!

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